Large Multi-Industry Technology-Based Company

A large multi-industry technology-based company with over 10,000 North American employees had recently been acquired by a larger, international company. This acquired company was a combination of previous acquisitions, each with its own compensation framework and policies.

In preparation for the acquisition, it became apparent to senior executives that it was imperative to bring all its compensation programs under one umbrella to further its go-to-market success and its ability to remain autonomous after the acquisition. It was also apparent that this umbrella should remain de-centralized, so that each company could continue to compete as it needed. As an additional charge, this consolidation needed to be completed in 8 months.

Having painfully worked through a similar process for its health and welfare benefit programs, the company met with us to first seek advice on the feasibility of the task, and then to determine what role, if any we could play is assisting. After carefully listening to the objectives, we worked closely with the company to create a project team consisting of 16 company representatives and 3 of our consultants. The company representatives would primarily be charged with representing their company and completing the day-to-day work tasks to the extent their expertise allowed them to do so. They were also charged with front line communications to their company senior management and employees. The main components of our role encompassed four areas:

  • Leading client team in project planning and management,
  • Providing technical design guidance,
  • Developing strategies to ensure business unit commitment, and
  • Completing analytical tasks beyond the expertise of the client team.
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