High Growth, Closely-Held Wireless Telecommunications Company

High growth, closely-held wireless telecommunications company had but one charge: create and grow a company that added value on its own merits and build value in the company’s strategic partner.

Some talent existed in house, but additional key talent was needed through acquisition and organic hiring. The company realized that it did not have a consistent focus among its executives nor a cultural identity of its own.

Founders and investors was the value proposition for its leaders and key employees –cash compensation and equity should provide the desired reward for their value creation when the company went public.

Defined desired reward strategy and environmental context. Developed programmatic elements, including base pay and short- and long-term incentives. Deployed programs and communication strategy.

The simple and direct value proposition delivered real capital value post-IPO to those leaders and key employees who drove the company’s success. This required helping them recalibrate stock and option grants after a large stock split heading into the expected IPO date.

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